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Watch a real time tracker of the WannCry Malware infection  

Company Culture: Why Little Things are Big

Some interesting facts about IDEO  

Smartphone Market Figures

A quite interesting overview about the smartphone market from units, revenue and operating profit.…    

3 Ways to teach yourself to become smarter


Is the cloud killing the PC?


‘Biggest ever’ Internet attack is indeed huge, but it isn’t global

Interesting details about the ‘Biggest ever’ Internet attack.

Learn from Apple’s Design Process

Read more from Tony Fadell about the success of Apple’s design process.

Apple Q3/12 Earning

Although Apple reported a net income of 8.8 billion USD out of 35 billion USD revenue (25% margin!) their shares lost over 5%. How...
triple2 - eco-friendly apparel

triple2: Eco-friendly apparel

There is a new brand in Germany that produces eco-friendly and functional apparel for hiking, outdoor and biking: triple2 triple2 is using only eco-friendly...

A new startup allows to run any software in the cloud! A new startup could change the entire software industry by allowing to run any software in the cloud! This is amazing, as this...